Kagan.tech is owned and run by Kagan, a color theorist, filmmaker and technology enthusiast who is very well known for his candid unbiased tech video reviews on his YouTube channel. The purpose and idea behind kagan.tech is to help internet users and people generally who are interested in making tech product purchases collect and display all the information they will need to make an informed purchase decision.


Kagan.tech will however not simply post/make videos about a spec sheet or a script dictated a manufacturers product page. Here we will give you an unbiased opinion of products based on hands on experience, usability, performance and general value for money. We will not cuddle products that are great value for money neither will we accept money or any kinds of monetary benefits in other to produce jaundiced reviews.

Bottomline is we will give you an opinion you can trust, one that you can be so confident in that you can choose to take it to the bank. On any occasion that a product is sent in by a manufacturer or retailer, it will be publicly disclosed and such gestures will not affect the opinion of the writer/editor of said video or product review document.

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You can contact Kagan directly by using the contact form or simply sending him a “tweet” (No Kidding).